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My name is Chelsea Rubinat, I am an Animal Osteopath based in London.

Chelsea Rubinat

 Since I was little, I've always wanted to care for animals.

It started while I grew up surrounded by them in the wild countryside of the Ardèche, France, where I built a deep relationship of trust and respect with many different species that would much later inspire me to sudy the  fabulous profession of animal therapist. However, I first  started my university studies in history and archeology in Montpellier before taking the leap and moving to England in search of adventure. I lived as a busy Londoner for 4 years until I migrated further south to be seduced by Brighton and the stunning surrounding countryside. Only there I discovered the European School of Animal Osteopathy and I knew this was what I had always wanted to do. It wasn't long before I began the 5 year intensive course of osteopathy and its sciences, where I remained studying until 2020, the year I graduated.

The ESAO school was the first animal osteopathy school to be created in Europe. In 2002, it was accredited by the British Accreditation Council and was certified ISO9001 in 2004 by the C.Q.S (Control Quality System.). In 2019, ESAO became recognised as a higher education institution by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research.

My work is based on the restoration of the body's homeostasis while maintaining respect of each individual I treat. To achieve this I use various procedures including structural manipulations, myofascial work, visceral treatments and craniosacral techniques as well as stretchings and exercises to bring confort and ensure well being for the animal. 

a little more...

As soon as I learned how to talk, I asked for a pony. I dreamed about it every minute. My parents loaned a tiny cheeky shetland called Rocky for me when I was 3 and there I started my life among horses. Following the passing of my lovely mare Arly I met the horse of my dreams at 13 years old, called Looping. At the time he was a 5 year old anglo-arabian, very lazy, a little rude, weird looking and way too tall for me gelding, and I loved him the moment I met him. Looping accompanied me until my adult life and 17 years later he is still here, full of tenderness and sassyness. 

Horse riding has monopolised my time and my motivation for years. I reached level 7 classic riding at 15 with an obsession with cross country and I competed for several years before university slowed me down. Gradually, natural horsemanship, positive reinforcement and later ethology have taken their place in my riding methods and serve as a basis for my knowledge of horses and riders. 

After more than 20 years with horses as a rider but also an owner, I like to share my experiences in order to combine my treatment with the rider and his horse's activities to allow a more effective and comprehensive care. 

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